The Opera Medicea Laurenziana was established by Royal Decree on the 2nd September 1907, in order to give back the ancient honor to the Medici Laurentian Complex, which is composed by the basilica of San Lorenzo, with the Old Sacristy, the cloisters and the monumental annexes, the Medicea Laurenziana Library and the Museum of the Medici Chapels.

The Complex

The Basilica

Giovanni di Bicci, forefather of the Medici family, entrusted Filippo Brunelleschi with the reconstruction of the San Lorenzo basilica. He managed the huge construction site until his death in 1446. In 1461 the project was completed by Brunelleschi’s biographer and heir, Antonio Manetti. Despite some interventions in the 18th...


The Medici Chapels

The Medici Chapels (Cappelle Medicee) complex, which may be reached through the apse area of the San Lorenzo Basilica, includes the lavish Mausoleum of the Princes (Mausoleo dei Principi) and Michelangelo’s New Sacristy (Sagrestia Nuova), designed as the Medici family funeral chapel.   The New Sacristy Conceived by Pope...


The Medicea Laurenziana Library

Commissioned by Pope Clement VII, a Medici, to house the family’s precious collection of manuscripts, the Medicea Laurenziana Library (Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana) was designed by Michelangelo, who personally directed the works from 1523 to 1534, the year in which he moved to Rome. The library was completed in 1571...


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Next evening openings for the contribution to the restoration of the bell tower of the Basilica (last work by Elettrice Palatina):
dates Wednesday 14/21/28 September

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restoration works

Preserve, not restore.

[:English:]Grazie alle risorse provenienti da una percentuale sui biglietti d'ingresso alla Basilica e al museo delle Cappelle Medicee e a sponsorizzazioni eccezionali, l'Opera Medicea Laurenziana è riuscita a finanziare importanti interventi di conservazione e restauro dei monumenti del Complesso e delle opere d'arte in esso contenute
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luglio 2016 - in progress

(Italiano) Concerti per Estate Fiorentina 2016

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marzo 2016 - in progress

(Italiano) Campanile Basilica di San Lorenzo

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agosto 2016 - completed

SOLEMNITY of SAN LORENZO – CO-PATRON of Florence August 10, 2016

ATTENTION CHANGE VISITING HOURS August 10 opening for religious services for the San Lorenzo Memory SOLEMNITY OF SAN LORENZO – co-patron of Florence SOLEMNITY OF S. LORENZO – CO-PATRON of Florence...


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