Future Projects

The Complesso Mediceo Laurenziano belongs to humanity as a whole, but its conservation and enhancement is extremely expensive and the resources available are not sufficient.

Though the available funds are sizeable, they are barely sufficient for the monument’s ordinary maintenance and to protect it from the devastations of time in the areas open to visitors, while the OML – in the last few years and due to the greater funding available with the establishment of an entrance fee to the Basilica – plans to restore and recover other vast areas (in particular the cellars, very suggestive locales) today not open to the public.

Furthermore the Opera Mediceo Laurenziana intends to reacquire important works of art (paintings, jewelry, ornaments, furniture, utensils, and artisanal objects, models, drawings) belonging to the Complex, but dispersed over the years and the centuries in different locations or stacked in the storerooms, to create a unique museum itinerary, now under the fragmented direction of the Parish, of the Ministry for Culture, and the Superintendence.

For this reason we not only trust in the Opera’s resources, but also in the important, indispensable contribution of sponsors and partnerships to reach this ambitious objective as soon as possible.

It is everyone’s ethical duty, even in a small measure, to take part in this great project and keep this exceptional work of human genius alive and vital. Help us, in the manner most suitable to you, to transmit to the future generations this unique testimony of Italian culture and beauty.

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Fifteen video clips, more than 50 high-resolution photographs, three-dimensional reconstructions of the basilica, the monumental outbuildings and 3 projects of the facade of Giuliano da Sangallo, Raphael and Michelangelo. You can have it for free by asking our staff inside the Basilica or or by downloading it from the store.

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