Finished Works

Utilizing a part of the proceeds of entrance tickets to the Basilica and the Medici Chapels Museum (Museo delle Cappelle Medicee) and chance funding, the Opera Medicea Laurenziana was able to undertake important conservation works on the monuments of the Complex and the works of art in them.

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Fifteen video clips, more than 50 high-resolution photographs, three-dimensional reconstructions of the basilica, the monumental outbuildings and 3 projects of the facade of Giuliano da Sangallo, Raphael and Michelangelo. You can have it for free by asking our staff inside the Basilica or or by downloading it from the store.

Available for smartphones and tablets

Online Tickets

You can buy your ticket online, you will be entitled to skip any queues at the ticket office.

Closed on 10th and 15th August