Finished Works

Utilizing a part of the proceeds of entrance tickets to the Basilica and the Medici Chapels Museum (Museo delle Cappelle Medicee) and chance funding, the Opera Medicea Laurenziana was able to undertake important conservation works on the monuments of the Complex and the works of art in them.

Restoration of the Old Sacristy’s Lantern

After the precautionary phases of pre-cleaning and pre-consolidation of the stone layer which was in the process of detaching, the surface was cleaned by applying a specific reagent. A special compress was applied in the cupola and on the capitals so as to remove the black crust of deposits....


Restoration of the Tympanum of the Old Sacristy

Conservation work was carried out on the pietraforte stone wall surface, the pietra serena stone cornices of the tympanum and the windows, the rose window, and the Medici insignia. After preventive pre-consolidation and cleaning operations, a structural consolidation of the portions that were detaching was carried out. Missing parts...


Restoration of the Parvis

After removing all the mortar reconstructions, each block of stone was cleaned by applying compresses with a specific timing keyed to the superficial deposit that needed to be removed. Later, stone chips and detached or loosened parts were consolidated through the use of pins and the reconstruction of the...


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