The Saint Lawrence Treasure and the Cellar

Recently restored, the basilica’s cellar was once the seat of the Compagnia del Santissimo Sacramento, and today hosts the main nucleus of the Museum of the Treasure of San Lorenzo (Museo del Tesoro) in which magnificent objects may be observed – liturgical furnishings and the basilica’s precious reliquaries collected over the centuries.

Besides the Museum of the Treasure (Museo del Tesoro), in the Basilica’s cellar you may also admire Giovanni di Bicci’s sepulcher, Cosimo il Vecchio’s monumental tomb, and a commemorative plaque in Donatello’s honor.

Since December, 2014, a room dedicated to the display of five plates with drawings by Jacopo da Pontormo also enriches the cellar.

The Medici Chapels

The Medici Chapels (Cappelle Medicee) complex, which may be reached through the apse area of the San Lorenzo Basilica, includes the lavish Mausoleum of the Princes (Mausoleo dei Principi) and Michelangelo’s New Sacristy (Sagrestia Nuova), designed as the Medici family funeral chapel.   The New Sacristy Conceived by Pope...


The Medicea Laurenziana Library

Commissioned by Pope Clement VII, a Medici, to house the family’s precious collection of manuscripts, the Medicea Laurenziana Library (Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana) was designed by Michelangelo, who personally directed the works from 1523 to 1534, the year in which he moved to Rome. The library was completed in 1571...


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